When do you need catalogue credit?

We already discussed the pros and cons of obtaining catalogue credit. In which cases is it better to buy on account?

When to go for catalogue credit?

Since this is a buy now pay later option, things might get out of hand. To avoid debt accumulation, only obtain a catalogue credit when you have an urgent need to buy a product. Home appliances can be an excellent example of necessary goods. In addition, take advantage of the benefits they offer, such as free delivery and additional discounts. Also, a catalogue credit can be an excellent option if you plan to improve your bad credit score. 

Consider alternatives

When you don’t need the product urgently, you can postpone the purchase. Avoid buying luxury brand items that have high costs, so you might not be able to pay them off later. Save money on your account and buy it once you have the full amount. If you are particularly interested in purchasing a branded item, check for cheaper second-hand options. Also, check for personal loans with lower interest rates.