Upload speed test

Your download speed isn’t the only thing that matters when measuring your connection speed. The upload speed determines how quickly you send data to others. This is necessary when you are transferring data-heavy files or video chatting. Low upload speed is a frustrating issue that will obstruct your activities. A simple upload speed test will determine if the difficulties you experience result from a bad connection.

When performing a speed test, you will be presented with the three essential measures: download speed, upload speed, and ping. Keep in mind that the upload speed will always be weaker than the download speed. This is a default configuration set by the internet provider, so it isn’t an issue on your side. This is done because people are more likely to need the download option.

How does the upload speed test work?

Once the download speed test is finished, your device will perform an upload speed test. Your computer will upload data to the server and measure the needed time. This will give you the current upload speed. Make sure to stop any running applications to get exact results.

How to read the result of an upload speed test

The upload speed is displayed in Mbps or megabits per second. The test result should be somewhere near the speed indicated in your provider’s plan. However, it doesn’t have to mean that the rate will always be the same as your plan.

High upload speed isn’t required for everyday use. However, consider upgrading your plan if you run a business that needs to send large files via email or do video conferences.

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