Ultimate Guide To Internet Speed Check

An internet speed test is a useful tool to find out how fast or slow your internet is. If you want to find out your current connection’s speed, this is the best way to do so. 

What is an internet speed test?

A speed test will measure the ping, upload, and download speed. This step is essential because, in most cases, internet providers will promise you different speeds for both upload and download. Usually, the upload speed is always lower. 

Your service provider might impose certain limitations based on the plan you choose. They can limit the download and upload speed. However, there are other factors that impact your connection’s speed, such as local internet traffic.

How does a speed test work

Your location will be verified to start the test. This is done to identify the nearest test server. Once this is established, the test sends a signal called ping. The server receives the signal and responds to it. Basically, the speed test will evaluate the time needed to submit the signal and receive a response. The time is measured in milliseconds.

When the test with the signal is completed, it is followed by the next step. Various connections are opened, and the test will download data from the server. During this process, it will measure the required parameters: how much resource is used and how much time it takes to download the data. It will test your internet connection if it can handle a few tasks together. The client will measure the time needed and calculate the downloading speed.

Testing the uploading speed is another part of the process. The client will repeat the procedure we already mentioned, but this time it is uploading data instead of downloading. 

How exact is a speed test

We already explained how does a speed test work. However, it isn’t easy to get precise readings. But, you can still get helpful information to check if your connection speed and the one promised by your provider match. 

Picking the test server is one of the elements that have a considerable influence on the test’s accuracy. The test server can be physically close to you, maybe in the same city. The distance makes a huge difference, as it won’t take long for the data to travel. However, in many cases, remoteness will be essential. For example, you might download a program from a server that is miles away. You will find out that the test results and real things aren’t close enough.

Another thing that you should know about the accuracy is testing while the system is already downloading data. For example, if you download an update or use Netflix simultaneously, your network will already be taxed. The system will fail to open additional connections to assess the network usage.

Another thing that makes a difference is the device you perform the test on. A PC with a cable connection will give the fastest connection speed, while Wifi connected devices will result in a slower connection. Also, keep in mind that different devices with the same connection will give different results too. Besides, we reveal the method to perform an accurate speed test. 

How to perform an accurate speed test

  • If you want to make sure that your test is accurate, there are a few things you should know. When you want to check if your provider is holding onto their promise, follow these steps:
  • Perform the test on your internet-connected PC. 
  • Pick a server that has the nearest physical location. 
  • Close any programs that use the connection, downloads, or streaming services. 

By following these steps, you will get a pretty accurate reading. Use this to assess whether the internet provider delivers the promised service or to satisfy your questioning. 

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