Trainual is dedicated to training and online learning. The cloud-based service allows convenience and a steady flow of information. It is a specialized learning management system to automate the process and make the training process easier. This platform makes communication between different levels of management easy and convenient. 

If you already work with other apps to make the process straightforward, there is an option to integrate them. 

When it comes to features, keep in mind that Trainual offers a specialized set of tools meant to aid centralized training. The discussion boards and self-service portal are available for your convenience, making things simple and easy. There is an option to manage different projects and tasks simultaneously to assure quality. 

Users get a free trial period of seven days before making a final decision to purchase. There are two plans available, starting from $99 per month. The pro and premium plan offers a different range of features, so choose the one that suits your needs. 


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