Things to keep in mind when using cash advance apps

  1. Cash advance apps are very convenient for people that don’t have an emergency fund. When you are caught short between paydays, this is a quick way to get money and cover your bills.
  2. There are certain limitations about who is eligible for obtaining paycheck advance. The apps allow hourly and salary employees to have quick access to cash. If you are self-employed or don’t have regular paychecks, you won’t qualify for apps. Freelancers and other people who don’t have a regular payday schedule won’t be able to use the service. 
  3. There are daily withdrawal limits. These range between different apps, so check first before you sign up.
  4. Check the reviews in your app store to find out more about each. Keep an eye on user complaints and what they are related to. 
  5. The convenience of these apps might trick you into spending more. Keep in mind that you will have less money on your next payday if you borrow now. Use them when you only have urgent needs.