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Any organization needs to streamline the management process, no matter the size and type. There are plenty of practical project management software options, so anyone can find the perfect fit. In this post, we explain more about project management software and which options are good for you.

Advantages of project management software

  • Keep track of business metrics and stats and see if they match your goals
  • Simplify the communication between team members with video chatting, discussion boards, and private messages
  • Keep track of individual tasks while still keeping the focus on the big picture
  • Organize the workflow for any organization 
  • Make working from home more productive and efficient

Who needs project management software?

The sole purpose of these tools is to aid the management process and help you monitor the minor tasks. Any individual or organization needs reliable software with convenient features that suit their needs. 

It doesn’t matter if you own a startup or an enterprise. Every company size will benefit from digitized management features and tools. Besides, freelancers with a large workflow can also use these platforms to organize their work. 

What to consider when choosing the right software?

  • Practical features that aid your working process and match your specific needs
  • Pricing plan that suits your budget
  • Communication methods that work for your specific business type
  • Integration of third-party apps that you already implement in your everyday practices

What is

There are plenty of software options if you want to get started. However, is one of the most popular choices. It is best known for the attractive design and easy navigation, so working is very efficient and pleasant at the same time. 

To get started, you have the option to choose from ready-made templates or start from zero and create your own dashboard. Every option is opened for customization so that you can adjust it to your specific needs. 

Each team member has their own dashboard, where they can track their tasks. Managers can assign tasks to individuals, add deadlines, and prioritize important tasks that need to be done urgently. alternatives

Are there any alternatives for Whether you find it expensive or some features won’t work for your business, keep in mind that there are plenty of alternatives. 

We share short reviews for each so that you can decide for yourself. 


Whether you are a freelancer or own a small business, this software is a perfect choice for you. The features allow you to send invoices, track your time, and have access to metrics and stats. There are three convenient pricing plans, so anyone can choose the right set of practical features. 


Teamwork focuses on the bigger picture and accomplishing your business goal. To aid your management project, this app handles billing and time tracking for employees. There is a mobile app available, so that team members can communicate anytime through their smartphone. It offers an excellent money to value ratio, so check the plans. 


Wrike is an advanced platform to manage your project. Add individual tasks and set the deadlines for each one. Team members can use the easy mobile app to get in touch and monitor their progress. However, the software comes with a higher price due to its advanced options and features. 


This platform is specialized in automating the learning management process. It helps the training process and makes communication between different levels of management easier. Trainual enhances team communication with discussion boards.  If your business isn’t present in this field, skip this platform and find others that suit your needs. 


Miro is a huge favorite among people that need to enhance their creativity. Send files with a drag and drop function, add sticky notes, and control the account’s restrictions. Share ideas, send creative files and get the needed feedback quickly. There is a free plan available, but you can upgrade at any time for access to advanced tools. 

Nifty PM

Nifty PM offers a wide range of tools to enhance collaboration and communication. Track time, assign tasks and allow the team members to exchange files easily. This platform allows for priority rating so that the most important tasks get finished first. The basic plan is free of charge, and there are advanced plans to cover your needs. 


Hive makes management easier and helps boost member’s productivity. Team members can easily discuss ideas and thoughts through this app. Also, integrate the existing apps you use, such as Trello, Google Drive, and Zoom. There are only two pricing plans available, so the choice is pretty straightforward and simple. 


Click Up Is an excellent and convenient management tool for freelancers and companies. Manage tasks, assign them to specific team members, add deadlines, and track the progress to ensure your business goals are being met. There is an option to integrate external apps and connect them with Clickup to streamline the working process. 


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