Nifty PM

Nifty PM is a useful management tool that enhances collaboration to increase effectiveness. Companies of any industry and size can use it to track their progress, as there are plenty of functions available. 

Some of the key features are time tracking, organized workspace, and team collaboration. The interface keeps the employees on the same page, allowing them to collaborate without any hassles. Each team member can give feedback, share their thoughts, and keep track of the task; progress. This makes everyone feel involved and appreciated, which increases motivation and productivity. 

This software has plenty of practical features to support the management. Team members can easily send files, prioritize important tasks, report their progress, and send messages to other team members to rationalize the process. Each member can add their to-do list and keep track of their duties. There are a total of four plans available, and the basic option is free.


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Tue Feb 16 , 2021
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