Important things to know for an excellent experience with 0% purchase credit card

Check the credit limits

These credit cards come with specific spending limits. If it doesn’t cover your shopping requirements, you won’t find the card useful. The limits might be a few thousand or a few hundred, so it is better to check the contract to make sure that the card can cover your costs.

Interest rates

Although they claim to be zero interest, these types of credit cards aren’t entirely interest-free. You won’t be charged for interest if you return the money before the interest-free period expiry. If you don’t manage to make you payments on time, you will pay the interest. Usually, it is pretty high and can vary around 19.9%. 

Credit score

Keep in mind that credit card companies will have specific requirements regarding the credit score. If you don’t have a shiny credit score, some might turn your application away. 

What happens when you don’t pay on time? Check this post to find out more! 


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