How to make money with writing

If you have the talent and skills or are willing to learn and practice, you can earn a lot of money from writing. There are many options, such as starting your own blog, working as a freelance writer, entering writing competitions, or translating. 

  • Write articles connected with your specific degree. Whether it is economy, pharmacy, or engineering, put your knowledge to fair use and offer useful information. Connect with digital marketing companies or seek for clients on freelancing platforms.
  • Check if you qualify for writing competitions. In many cases, they offer adequate amounts of money as a prize, so it is worth considering this option.
  • If you know other languages, you can work as a translator. The demand for translation is significant, so join freelance platforms or offer your services to companies as an independent contractor.
  • If you love to write in a friendly tone, starting a blog is a good option. As long as your content is engaging and helpful, you can earn money from blog writing. Some of the available options are monetizing with Adsense, offering sponsored posts to brands or affiliate marketing.