How to make money as a teen

There are so many ways for teens to earn money from home. You need to put in time and effort, and the reward will come your way. Some of the best ways for teens to earn are online surveys, freelance writing, leaving reviews, or making Youtube videos. 

  1. Get paid for completing online surveys. Your experience as a customer is essential for brands so that you can monetize it. Fill online surveys that reflect your experience and earn money. Sites like Swagbucks allow you to fill surveys and get paid for them.
  2. Tutoring is another thing that teens can do in their spare time. Use your school knowledge and pass it onto other students. Use platforms like Samespeak and Verbal Planet to provide your service to whoever needs it.
  3. Freelance writing is another great way to make money from your talent. Besides, you will work on real projects that can be added to your CV later. 
  4. If you love to play video games, this would be a dream job for you. Platforms like Twitch allow you to make money from your favorite hobby. 
  5. Set up your online shop on Etsy. Make crafts such as candles or jewelry and sell them to customers. Or, you can hunt for thrift store finds and sell them online.
  6. Make Youtube videos and earn from ads or sponsored videos. Pick a tight niche such as reviewing movies, games, or toys. 
  7. Write reviews on SliceThePie and share your experience regarding a specific product or service.