How to improve the internet speed

Slow internet connection is a frustrating issue. However, there are a few easy fixes that anyone can do. If you follow our tips, you will improve the internet speed in no time.

Reset your router

A simple thing such as resetting your router can make a huge difference. Make sure to reset the router once monthly to refresh the connection. This will restore the connection to the provider and is a simple fix. Also, you can proceed to restart the separate modem. 

Additional tip: If your router is too far away, the signal won’t be able to reach your device. Make sure to position it near your room.

Block ads

We don’t pay attention to ads, but they consume your internet. Data-heavy video ads can slow down your internet connection, so use special adblocking software. There are plenty of free options to choose from, so there is no excuse not to install one.

Switch to cable connection

If you need a stable and fast connection to download heavy data, make sure to switch to a cable connection. The internet connection is always better than the wireless one. You can connect your TV, gaming console or laptop with a cable for a reliable and safe connection. 

Install antivirus software

Viruses will slow down your internet connection, so do your best to prevent them. Get suitable software that will automatically scan for malware and viruses. This way, you can tackle the issue on time and don’t let it slow down your connection.

Clear your cache

Sites use cookies to gather information about your activities. When you visit lots of sites, these cookies will accumulate and slow down your connection over time. For the best effect, clear your cache on a daily basis. You can install a special plugin that will have this issue solved for you.

Contact your internet provider

In some cases, the only issue is your internet service provider. No matter what you do, you will always have a poor connection because you have an inferior package. Internet providers have different packages available, so you might want to upgrade to the one that suits your needs. Or, consider switching to a provider that offers better service for the same money. 

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