How To Earn Real Money Online

Do you want to be wealthy and have enough finances for your dream life? This opportunity is open to anyone willing to put their time and effort into securing their future. Keep in mind that there are plenty of legit ways to earn money online. However, you must be familiar with the fact that making money isn’t easy. Even with online working, you will still need to dedicate your effort and time to obtain the optimal results. In this post, we share the available options so that you can pick the one that suits your needs.

Active or passive income?

Before we proceed to explain the possibilities, you must be aware of the two large income groups. When you know the exact difference between passive and active income, you can choose the right fit for you. 

Passive income doesn’t require you to put constant effort into it. Once you invest the money, you will automatically receive the revenue. 

Active income requires your time and effort. The more time you have, the more money you can earn. When the time you spend is in direct relation with your income, this is an active income. However, we all have a total of 24 per day. This means that your possibilities are limited. For example, lawyers and doctors work on an hourly basis. No human gets more than 24 hours per day. Also, there is an additional limit to this. If anything unexpected happens such as injury or illness, you wouldn’t be able to make the active income.

Your 9 to 5 job is considered as an active income. Since you are already familiar with the disadvantages, keep in mind that relying only on active income won’t make you wealthy. If you intend to earn lots of money online, then passive income is the right choice. It will help you make money when you sleep. Knowing that this won’t take much of your precious time, you can dedicate to securing new income streams. 

If you want to step forward and join the world of wealthy people, passive income will help you. What are some excellent examples of passive income?

  • Renting a property is one of the available options. However, it requires you to have initial earnings to purchase a property. Once you do it, it will automatically generate monthly income for you. Besides, you need to calculate the additional costs such as repairs and maintenance.
  • A dividend is the earning that belongs to you as a shareowner. You don’t need to do anything else, besides investing in stocks. Once you purchase stocks from a stable and reliable company, you will receive a decent dividend on a periodic basis.
  • Google Adsense can be an additional passive income. This is an excellent chance if all you have is skills. You don’t need to have the initial capital to begin with. However, keep in mind that it will take time and effort to build a site and attract enough visitors to earn reasonable amounts.
  • Selling an e-book is another excellent online option for you. Similarly, it requires a strong skill set and effort.
  • Vending machines and ATMs are other options which require an upfront investment. You will need to purchase the devices and arrange high traffic spots for them.
  • Sell a high-quality online course. However, keep in mind that competition is relatively high in this sector. In order to stand out, you need to put extra effort.

Legit ways to earn money online

While passive income is the key to being wealthy, you need to have an active income as well. Also, this can help you make money for investing. When you want to work online and earn money, what are your options?

Graphic and web design

Graphic and web design skills are widely requested. If you already have the skillset or are ready to learn, this is an immensely profitable sector. When many businesses want to increase their presence online, they will need such services. When you have the skills and know-how to sell your services, you can make a lot of money. This can help you build a passive income later.


Another high demand service is software development. Keep in mind that the industry will grow even more in the future, opening new possibilities and securing steady workflow. If becoming a digital nomad is your dream job, consider pursuing your career as a software developer. Sell your services individually or join freelancing platforms to connect with customers.

Content writing

If you are skilled at writing, then this would be the perfect job for you. The demand for blog posts, articles, and marketing copy increases, so it guarantees a steady active income. Build your portfolio, practice, and offer professional services to businesses. 

SEO services

Many businesses struggle to get on the first page of Google to increase their conversions. SEO experts help them get to the top of the search results. If you gain this skill set, you can earn lots of money. However, keep in mind that there are constant changes in this sector, and you need to keep updated. 

Online shop

Setting up an online shop is easy nowadays. This will allow you to sell goods or services locally or even globally. However, keep in mind that the whole process requires time and effort. From building the site, maintaining social media, storing goods, and sending out orders, there are many activities included. 

If you want to sell products but don’t have time to build a site, try to palace your products using existing platforms. Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist are popular sites where you can start your online selling business. Besides, be sure to get a good camera for your products. Good photos are the ones that sell, so you need to pay special attention to this matter.

Vacation renting

With platforms like Airbnb, anyone can rent their home short -term. Especially if you live in a popular area for tourists, you can make a good earning of it. However, make sure to check with the local authorities for this matter because some might impose specific regulations. The more amenities you include, the higher price you can charge.

Design apps

Smartphone apps are a part of our lives, so the demand is relatively high. While marketing an app on the app store might be difficult, you need to do your best to provide value to your potential customers. Nowadays, people appreciate apps that are helpful and solve their problems. 

Remote selling service

If you are good at convincing people, then the remote salesperson job would be the perfect fit for you. This is a job with flexible working hours, as it includes phone calls. Remember that it is all about highlighting the product’s benefits and explaining how it will help customers solve their problems.

Virtual assistant

Another excellent online option is becoming a virtual assistant. Try freelance sites to find clients that are looking for a remote assistant. This job includes a wide range of activities such as answering phone calls, emails, scheduling appointments, or other activities depending on the organization.