How to do DSL speed test

A DSL speed test will analyze your internet connection, offering you insights into the critical parameters. Whether your connection is very slow or you want to find out if your provider delivers the agreed plan, you can test the DSL speed within a few clicks. The internet speed is an important thing both in your private and professional life.

This DSL speed test tool will perform a quick check and give you a final report with the measured parameters. You can efficiently complete it in your browser without any hassles. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet and press the start button to run the test.

Download speed

Download speed is the speed at which you import data from the internet. Measures in Mbps, this value will express the amount of data your internet connection can transfer to your computer.

Upload speed

Upload speed is the pace at which you send data to the internet. It is the reverse process of downloading data. It is also expressed in Mbps and will determine the rate of uploading files to the web. This fact is essential if you depend on using cloud storage.


Ping refers to the response time needed to complete the communication between your computer and the server. The higher the ping, the more delayed the response will be. Ping is an essential stat for gamers, as it defines the activity. However, the values aren’t measured the same as download and upload speed. The lower the ping is, the faster the response is.

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