How does the Earnin app work?

Whether it is an unexpected cost or an emergency, many people have trouble making it to payday. Luckily, apps like Earnin are here to help you. When you need to get an advance quickly, you can do it within a  few taps. This app will verify your account and employer as a guarantee. 

Whenever you need money, you can request it from the app. When payday arrives, the app will automatically get the money back from your account. The process is too straightforward, and you won’t have to spend your time on paperwork and applications. 

The app doesn’t charge fees or interest. However, there is a possibility to give a tip. Since it is beneficial, users won’t hesitate to leave a tip according to their financial situation. 

To be eligible for the Earnin app, there are specific requirements. You need to have a valid proof of your working hours. This means that people who work from home aren’t eligible for this app.