Free and reliable ADSL test

Free and reliable ADSL test

An ADSL test will give you insights into essential metrics for your internet connection. Our ADSL test is simple and easy to use and can be completed within your internet browser. The internet speed will determine your online experience, so it is necessary to do an ADSL test. The data goes in two directions so that this test will present you with growth in download and upload speed.

What is download speed?

Download speed presents how many megabits of data per second can your device retrieve from the server. This connection includes audio, video, text, and photos. Whether you want to stream your favorite movie on Netflix or listen to music, the download speed will deter the quality of your user experience. However, keep in mind that there are a few things that can influence the results, such as how many devices use the connection simultaneously. 

What is upload speed?

The upload speed presents the number of megabits of data per second you can submit to a server. Some activities require data to be sent to the server. While downloading refers to the amount of data to be taken, upload speed is the process of sending data. 3 Mbps is considered to be a good speed to satisfy average needs. 

When you receive your ADSL test results, keep in mind that the download speed and upload speed will differ. Internet providers offer higher download speed because it is more likely that you will need it more. Consider switching to another plan if your activities require excellent upload speed for cloud storage or video conferencing. 

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