Easy to use broadband speed checker

A broadband speed checker will measure your current download speed and upload speed. Also, it will present you with the ping expressed in milliseconds. You can complete our broadband speed check within your browser.

How does the broadband speed checker work

The checker will open a few connections and start to download data straight from the server. A few connections will be completed in order to obtain the most accurate results. Then, the checker will present you with an average value of the measurements. Keep in mind that you don’t need to download or install any additional software. The broadband speed test can be performed in your current browser.

Why do you need a broadband speed test

The broadband speed checker will help you get insights on your download speed, upload speed, and ping. These are primary measurements that determine the user experience on the internet. Use this result to compare it with your internet rover’s plan or satisfy your curiosity.

Why is the speed different?

If you perform various tests and the speed varies, don’t worry. There are a few things that influence broadband speed. If you are using Wi-Fi, the connection might interfere, so keep your device close to the router. Make sure to minimize other conceptions such as downloading data, software updates, or streaming media content. Other problems include a broken router, increased traffic on the same internet service provider, and broken cables. Also, keep in mind that the internet cable connection will yield better results than the Wi-Fi connection.

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