Many people have found themselves in a situation where they have unexpected costs before the next payday. How can you get money in advance and save yourself from headaches? You simply obtain a paycheck advance.   Who gives you the paycheck advance? Your employer can pay you money before the next […]

Also referred to as “crowdlending” or “P2P lending”, this option is where creditors are connected with borrowers via an online service. The peer-to-peer lending company collects a fee for their services, which includes assessing the credit of the borrower. In most cases, collateral is not required in P2P platforms.

In this case your pension acts as an asset much like a house or car. The loan is taken out according to the value of your pension. The downside is that this often involves a long-term payment plan against many more of your pension payments to come. Some companies require that the borrower must buy a life insurance policy that names the company as the beneficiary.