A mortgage is a type of loan specially designed for buying a home. It can help you buy your dream home without having savings on your account. This method of financing brings so many benefits for you. Buyers are pretty flexible with disturbing the payments over the desired number of […]

We already discussed the pros and cons of obtaining catalogue credit. In which cases is it better to buy on account? When to go for catalogue credit? Since this is a buy now pay later option, things might get out of hand. To avoid debt accumulation, only obtain a catalogue […]

We already brought out the advantages of obtaining catalogue credit. But, are there any downsides of shopping on account?  High-interest rate While the interest-free period sounds tempting, think about what would happen if you miss it. If you delay your payment, you will end up paying excessive interest rates. Hence, […]

We already talked about the basics of catalogue credit, but why should you get it? There are a few advantages compared to other financing alternatives.  Interest-free period If you expect to pay out the catalogue credit payments soon, then you might be able to skip the interest. Some companies offer […]

Do you have a large purchase and want to make it more affordable? Catalogue credit is one of the options available for buyers that need an instant purchase. Are there any downsides to buying on an account? Let’s find out more! Catalogue credit defined Catalogue credit is one way to […]