Advantages of catalogue credit

We already talked about the basics of catalogue credit, but why should you get it? There are a few advantages compared to other financing alternatives. 

Interest-free period

If you expect to pay out the catalogue credit payments soon, then you might be able to skip the interest. Some companies offer catalogue credit whose interest rates start to calculate over a particular time. If you pay before this time, you won’t be charged for interest. Make sure to check for “buy now pay later” options.

Wide range of products

Whether you are in need of baby clothes or your old TV broke down, you can always rely on your catalogue. With a wide range of products available, you don’t have to worry about large purchases. 

Instant access

Catalogue credit allows you to make instant purchases without spending your time on paperwork and credit checks. It is a great option when you need to buy something urgently and need a hassle-free experience. 

Available for bad credit

If you have trouble getting loans because of your credit score, this is your go-to option. The process of application is quick and straightforward. Also, don’t forget that paying off your installments will boost your credit score. Actually, this is an excellent way to raise a bad credit score. Buyers will prove that they can pay off on time, which will make it easier to get other types of loans in the future.